Saturday, June 13, 2009

DPNs socks and doilies

Now I know I have not used DPNs in awhile but this was ridiculous. I got my stitches cast on and couldn't remember how to join them in a circle on DPNs!? So off I had to go in search of a good tutorial with pictures to show me how to use DPNs. It was rather embarrassing to say the least when I had to ask my online friends for help. But I got past it and even finished a baby sock and cast on a second one. Knitting away on the second one my hands started to itch for cotton thread. I started to LUST for a doily pattern. It has been so long since I made one...

I admit I caved I gave in and went searching the Ravelry data base for a pattern. I even found one sigh a beautiful complicated looking small knitted doily. I found this (excuse me while I wipe the drool away) which is just what I wanted but then someone mentioned that baby set... whimper I want to knit a doily I don't want to knit a baby hat.

Back to Ravelry and yippie I found a solution :) I am knitting a baby hat with a doily start. Now comes the funny part. Remember for those socks I had to relearn how to knit on my DPNs? I looked at the pattern set out markers, needles etc and started knitting. Boom just like that those YO at the start of each needle were automatic just like it had not been years since I knit them. Sigh I am in heaven and the baby set is getting a lovely hat. Oh I almost forgot the hat pattern is Star of The Day hat which you can find here

Oh the shawl that is Gail just ignore her she is being very patient waiting for me to finish my fair knitting. Grin considering that she will be frogged and restarted when I am not on heavy cough meds and can gasp count... she is being a good girl.

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