Wednesday, August 13, 2008

SMILE this chair was one of the best things I found at our local fair. I was also lucky that my winnings covered about half the cost of it or Toli would never have agreed to it. It is the perfect height for my wheels and for his loom and looks nice enough we would not be ashamed to offer it to company. Also comfortable enough with that thick cushion and the back support. I only wish I could have afforded a second one in red for Toli so we would not have to share.

My pretty chair has a secret too. Turns out the seat lifts up from the back and reveals a nice storage area. Grin mine has puni, orf hooks, and a bit of this and that in it already.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Busy summer

June 24th I stepped in a small depression in a parking lot sigh. Such a small thing to do the damage it caused. A fractured ankle and wrist and 6 weeks of lost wages. The timing was of course horrid. I had 16 more rounds on the Wedding Shawl to go and could not knit with my wrist in a splint...

Since the wedding was 2 DAYS after my wrist would come out of the splint I asked my LYSO if she knew of anyone that might be willing to finish the shawl for me. :-) Penny volunteered herself and it got finished in time for Leesa to wear.

Here is the shawl blocking:

And the radiant bride and her new husband.

It was a lovely wedding and I was so happy she had her silk shawl finished to wear to it there. The best part was when her father had them stopped by him and in front of every one gave them and their union a blessing! (he and the pastor doing the service had planned it) This was a HUGE surprise to them as up until that moment he had done nothing but talk bad about Micheal, how they met and the horrible mistake her wedding was. They truly glowed when he had finished the blessing.

After the wedding came County Fair. Whew what a whirlwind. Because of the wedding shawl and then my injuries I only had a few entries mostly in Fiber Arts made with handspun from Juliespins on Etsy. I met her through a Ravelry destash and ended up buying a lot of her high quality handspun.

My pride and joy of the fair was a little outfit for my granddaughter Alex. Have I mentioned her before? She is about 12 weeks old now and is so adorable in her pinafore, hat and booties ;-)

The set is made from some luscious Cormo handspun by Julie into a soft lofty yarn. In fact the judge said she wanted a pair of slippers in her size from yarn that soft. Julie you done good. The judge LOVED that Cormo yarn.

Besides the baby set I managed to finish a yarn holder and a stuffed octopus also made from some of Julies yarns and a lovely crocheted hat which Angie fell in love with.

That hat was made with yarn from my friend Shelly of Rose Garden Fibers. I have been using yarn from Shelly for a few years now as somehow I never seem to have enough time to both spin and knit/crochet items from my own yarn. The yarn I used this year was actually bought a couple of years ago and those skeins have been made into socks, booties, and finally this year the lovely crocheted Divine Hat . While checking out this hat pattern look over her other patterns as she has some nice ones.

Of course the kids and many adults LOVED the octopus whom I call Yorick. His pattern came from hansigurumi who makes some of the neatest knitted animal patterns. I have more then the octopus already and just have to get her newest pattern. GRIN it is a Jackalope. I live in Wyoming (think wild west a few hours north of Denver,Colorado) so I have to make one, right?