Wednesday, June 11, 2008

QAL keeps growing

And yesterday Leesa finally got to see it for the first time in real life. She fell in LOVE. The color, the drape, the softness, the pattern, etc etc. Good thing since it is far too late to start another shawl and have it done in time for her wedding. The photo is what Leesa got to see and handle.

I will have to knuckle down and really concentrate on her shawl as her wedding is getting rather close and I still have 50 rounds to go. But that is 50 round for the large version :) I can always stop early just make the small version but I honestly think I can finish the large version which is the one that she and I both fell in love with.

Of course don't ask what I am doing today. Grin I am cheating. I set aside the shawl to work on a gauge swatch for a sweater I want to make. I have this lovely denim blue yarn and I found a pattern that it will suit so well. I bought it from Carodan Farm and it is called the Cabled Oregon Sweater It looks like just the thing for our winter that refuses to end. Today we are supposed to get up to 59F sigh my poor garden doesn't know if it should grow or curl up and sleep.