Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Man is my mind wondering a lot these days. Can I blame it on the cough? Which is still going strong on week 4 and we are no closer to knowing what the cause is then when I first went to see the doc.

I have all these fair projects carefully thought out. Remember the baby set etc...

So why did I let Jabberjaws AKA Jill talk me into not just a crochet project but an IRISH CROCHET project. I know it is crocheted with Bulky yarn or worsted held double but still Irish Crochet! And with charts! Surprising as sick as I have been feeling this has become my comfort project and the front is nearly done. I have had a couple of times when I got stumped by the chart for a bit when the written pattern didn't help much. But that join with a half double crochet (American terms) I would never have figured out with out the pattern or help. OH JILL where have you been?

I have not been totally neglecting my fair projects The baby hat is now 2/3s done sigh just have about another inch or so before binding off. Socks are still on hold from lack of desire and Nessie, well Nessie and I are not really on speaking terms. I think I need to wait until I can concentrate before I pick her up again. AFTER I tink back this last row.

Weaving: I really need to get these looms warped and start I have the most wonderful yarn for a scarf on my little Emilia and I really should get to work on it.

Spinning: Silk on my Lady Ann do I need to say more. Sigh except to say I really have a big learning curve ahead of me before I can make a decent thread let along a skein. Learning how to spin on center weighted spindles is a goal I have for this year.

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