Friday, May 29, 2009

Zephyr scarf

When I first got the book Weaving Made Easy I fell in love with the "Tweedy Scarf" made from Jaggerspun Zephyr. I even scrapped up the funds to splurge and buy the yarns for it. Grin then I came to my senses and realized I was not ready to weave that scarf just yet. That yarn has languished for months as I worked on my skills so I could do it justice.

Today I got up the courage to start that lovely scarf. The project calls for 3 different colors to produce a tweedy effect. I wanted a softer more soothing effect so got three colors closer in color/value. I think the colors look good together and I think the warp using the 3 strands is very close to the effect I wanted. Lets hope its stays that soft ocean like color when woven.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Nice surprise

In fall of 2007 I started a FLAK which is a cabled sweater. You can read about my adventures with that sweater in the posts starting here. It was a really wonderful deep heathered brown and I adored it. My life being what is is somehow this sweater start got misplaced. Then I got some unwelcome guests in my life and since then I have been tossing bug eaten fiber, yarn and projects as I find them. I did find some of my brown yarn that had been ruined and tossed it. Found the cable/texture swatch and to be honest while I have not tossed it yet it is looking pretty ratty. I should toss it but just can't bring my self to do it. Until now :-) While emptying yet another box of JUNK that does not belong to me I found a small plastic bin that had been tossed into it. Always on the lookout for nice plastic bins I opened it and found WOW it had yarn in it hmm a rather odd mix of yarns too. 2 balls each of a green fingering weight, a blue worsted weight and a sage green bulky... Then I noticed the brown yarn. Whoo hooo I had found my "lost" sweater. Grin still nice and clean and with all the markers in place etc plus 2 full balls on my brown and a partial ball of the brown.

The knitted sweater part I found.

A nice surprise but still not my FLAK as 2 and maybe a half ball of yarn are not going to make nearly a whole sweater. But there is that lovely camel Galway I have 9 balls of and maybe they will play well together. Hmmm time for some swatches, it would be nice to at least know all that time spent swatching and editing was not totally wasted.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring is here

I know because I have seen Robins flying around and our daylilys are coming up. Sigh now to get up the desire to work in the garden before it needs to be planted out. Of course my little seedlings won't go out until the end of May but still.

My weaving is on hold for a bit as I KNIT some baby items and a stuffed animal for family and friends. I have started a darling top by Oat Couture called the Fisherman T-shirt. The yarn is from an Indie Dyer I found on eBay. Doesn't she make pretty sock yarn? YES I am making this baby top in fingering weight sock yarn and actually enjoying it. Grin hope that pleasure remains until I actually finish it.