Friday, December 19, 2008

Weaving & Variegated yarns

Recently I found a couple of balls of Rio de la Plata Worsted Multicolor in my stash diving. I also found a green semi solid that may also have been Rio de la Plata in one of the grab bags I got recently during the anniversary sale at Ewe Count. So I set out to weave a scarf and ended up making two.

The first one I made using the Rio de la Plata for the warp and the semi solid grey green for the weft. I think it turned out very lovely but I wondered what it would look like if I used the multicolor for the weft and a solid for the warp. Only problem was I had used up all the green...

I went stash diving again and came up with a some purple Galway. That became my warp and the second ball of multicolor became my weft.

Both scarves were made using the exact same multicolor but different colored solids. It really made a difference in the overall appearance. Pity I did not have a couple more balls of the multicolor so I could see how it looked woven up as both warp and weft.

This little scarf for Atheena was made using the same variegated yarn in warp and weft. I think it is turning out to have an interesting pattern in it.
I have lots more of the yarn in Atheena's scarf so I will probably end up trying the same experiment with some of it and hopefully the same solid color.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Swap Scarf

my scarf for swap
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I signed up for the scarf swap in one of my weaving groups in Ravelry. This has been my main project since then. I did dither back and forth about the kind of scarf I wanted to make. Fancy dressy or maybe just a plain warm scarf for winter. Since it was going to New Hampshire I finally settled on picking out colors for a simple woolen scarf.
My first batch of colors actually never made it onto the loom. On a second trip to Nanytutu in Wellington Co I found a deep rich teal that I fell in love with and paired it with a light grey for a bit of a color-and-weave design. The checks only occur on the ends and to be honest my secret pal took a much better photo of the scarf when she received it which showed both ends :)

I received a beautiful multicolor wool scarf also.Please excuse my poor photography as I am getting used to a new camera but as you can see my new scarf is absoutly beautiful. Grin everyone at work now knows what it looks like as I have been wearing it just about every night since it arrived.