Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fair time is over

And I am soooooooo ready for some rest but it is always lots of fun during the fairs. I demo spinning at our local County Fair and of course I have some entries in. This year my biggest project was a shawl in a heavy lace weight/light fingering weight alpaca/silk handspun yarn. The shawl did well at both county fair and state fair earning a first place award both places. The best prize however came after the fairs when the lady I gave it to told me I had made her week! She had the most special goofy smile on. Grin and she looks lots better in the shawl then my borrowed wheel.

I also came home from the fairs with TWO new family members. Little Thunder is a beige roan Peruvian cavy (guinea pig) and Mr. Chips is a broken blue French Angora. Thunder is only 2 months old when he is an adult his coat will put the one on Mr. Chips to shame.

Mr. Chips is my second angora or rather the second I own currently his rabbitry mate is a beautiful red Satin Angora doe who has been making goo goo eyes at him. Grin I told Salsa to keep them eyes to her self she is not getting bred. She is already over 2 and never been bred. To do so now could kill her.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Campanula for the cure moves forward

I got my yarn in from Twinkletoes Yarns and I am busy swatching to see if I need to change needle size to get gauge. The yarn is a pale almost bubblegum pink with areas of lilac and smokey grey. Not enough to distract from the pattern but enough to be noticeable.

In this picture of the yarn you can see a bit of the subtle colors in it besides the pale pink. I think this will be a beautiful pair of socks for someone that likes pink. Grin I already have a couple of willing recipients in mind.

Remember it is not too late to join in and support this great cause. Just go to Campanula for the Cure to learn how.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

I hate knitting Socks

I also don't care much smart know it alls who think that it is just a matter of finding the right pattern or technique. The fact of the matter is I have lots of patterns and I have knit socks but they are far from my favorite item to knit.

So why am I looking at a new sock pattern and have even bought the yarn to knit it with? Because it is for a cause I strongly support. The sock pattern is CAMPANULA for the CURE. You can see it and read all the details at the designers blog

This pattern will be knit in a lovely soft pink yarn from Over The Rainbow Yarns She has some other pink yarns and yarns with pink in them but the one I got was my favorite and was her last skein. Whew glad only one is needed for a pair of socks.

I hope others will join me in my sock knitting.

don't you hate losing all your paswords?

Got a new motherboard for my old system and I followed all the rules and made a nice backup of the information I wanted to make sure I would not lose...

Had problems with old system and my DH got me a brand new system for Mothers Day. YEA! A nice machine with an LCD wide screen monitor etc and Vista operating system.

Vista does not recognize my backup file sigh Nor does XP so here I sit with no information from my backup available and that includes my passwords and user names for my web host and my old blog that was hosted by my domain :-/ not a good situation. Have been wanting to post things but was unable to get in to do so. Finally got tired of that situation and figured Blogger is as good a place to start over as any.

Hope this one stays here for a while but I really want to get into that backup...