Wednesday, September 19, 2007


As they said in the one cartoon that my sons watched. I got a call at about 1am MST from my oldest who has been in Iraq. He was in Kuwait waiting for his freedom bird :) His large extended family, many of whom he has never met,that will be cheering today.

It feels odd to hear your postman say Semper Fi when he delivers a package from Iraq or hear it at the counter when they see a package to a Marine over there. Uh rah(sp) and Semper Fi have become part of the vocabulary at work too. One driver just had his son get back and now the son and his wife are going to Okinawa, this was their second trip to the sandbox and he is very relived they will be away from it for a while. Now I can pass on that mine is home too :)

It will be even nicer when all are home and that includes those in all the killing zones.