Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Blame it on Gail

I mean seriously if it weren't for Gail I would not be in this mess. This is Gail. Well granted you do have to scroll down to see the photos and find the link for the pattern but well you can see what I am talking about. Gail is the object of Knit Along in one of my Ravelry groups and Gail is beautiful and I was going to use my Blue Jeans sock yarn for her. But Gail and Blues Jeans don't work well together. I mean as in it was a HORRID pairing. :*( So I frogged Gail.

And as I was sitting here listening to Forever in Blue Jeans and looking at Blue Jeans it hit me. Why not try Blue Jeans in the Wild West Lace Shawl I wanted to make for Fair. Mind you I already had this shawl started. In fact I had two starts of this shawl in the same yarn on different size needles, neither of which I was happy with. So Blue Jeans got tried in that pattern...

The blue merino/tencel on the left and Blue Jeans on the right. Ladies and Gentlemen I think we have a winner and it is Blue Jeans.

So now what do I use for Gail and even more importantly what do I make with all this blueberry yarn?

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