Sunday, January 27, 2008

Pretty socks

Grin we have a pair of sock! Yes they are a pair complete with some cuff. I could actually stop anytime now and they would count as a completed pair of socks, however I want the cuffs a bit longer.

I have also cast on a pair for my DH using a wool/bamboo blend yarn from karenc2658 on eBay. I love the colors of this yarn and the handle is so nice and silky. Of course once I got my hands on this yarn and started knitting with it I HAD to have more ;-)

This is a record for me TWO pairs of socks on the needles at one time!

I have managed to work a bit on my friends wedding shawl. I am actually working on the central lace panel for it. My sweater however is still languishing in the UFO pile as I play with socks.


Monica said...

Awesome!! I love the new colorway on the bamboo... bet that'll turn out just as nice...

Opal said...

Lookin' good, D. That new yarn looks delish. :)