Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Are these bright enough?

bright enough?
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Okay my LYSO says I have been buying too many muted and dull colors and need to add some bright yarn to my life. Specifically she suggested a pair of socks. So we spent about half an hour looking through her sock yarns to find a "bright" yarn I approved of. We came up with the Trekking on the right.

Then yesterday I was in Ft Collins for "tea" at Lambspun and my friend Linda said she agreed with my LYSO. She then helped me pick out another hank of yarn with "color" the center ball which is Araucania Ranco Multy color number 303.

When we got home I was digging around looking for something else and found a wonderful ball of hand painted merino/tencel sock yarn that I had bought off eBay earlier this year. I really wish that picture could show you all the wonderful colors in it. Besides the vivid blue, red, and yellow that really show up it has lavender and green areas.

Next question now is which do I use for that pair of socks....

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