Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wow we have actual progress on my FLAK

Grin I got to start the sweater this weekend. My cable swatch is done. You can see it here before I cast off using EZs sewn bind off. That was fun as I underestimated the amount of yarn needed and finished with just an inch of my tail left.

My cable swatch has been washed, dried and measured. I enjoyed knitting this swatch and really love the way the cables have turned out.

I have the saddles started and tomorrow I may be able to start the back of the sweater :-) I am so thrilled to have actual sweater progress pictures. Another nice thing that happened this weekend was the arrival of my new stitch markers from Chappy. They are beautiful and stand out nicely on this yarn. I adore the row marker. It has been a huge help while knitting the saddles. (Wry grin)They have a 4 row cable repeat in the center and I kept getting my rows mixed up until that little marker arrived. Thanks Chappy.

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