Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Weaving corner

There is the new to me Beka RL all warped up and with weaving on it. It is pure pleasure to weave on. I never realized how nice it would be to have a loom ready to weave on any time I wanted without having to haul it out and/or something to set it on. I am really doing more weaving now that Beka is so accessible. Alas my poor abandoned Ashford is hanging forlornly on the wall waiting for my attention. Since I have discovered how nice stands are I am scrimping for one for the Ashford in hopes that it will get me weaving on him again.

The basket is holding shuttles and yarns for my next projects. In front of the light box is room for my scissors, heddle hooks, etc. What you can't see is the tote bag that I am dropping empty bobbins into to keep track of them. Grin that also keeps them in one place and ready to haul off to a store to get them rewound.

And of course my supervisor has her own place to sit out of the way and watch me work.

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