Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Queen Anne's Lace and other knitting

The shawl is slowly growing. I am now up to row 87. YIPPIE only 73 more to go groan... I am wondering if this shawl will get finished in time for the wedding in July. But I will keep working on it as time permits. The picture is how the shawl looked at row 77. SMILE that is TEN rows ago.

I did finally sit down and figure out that I have about 45 minutes of knitting time I can almost count on at work with another 1 or 2 hours at home if I am lucky and Ms Violet behaves and I don't come home exhausted and simply fall into bed.

I have also been sidetracked by other projects. Hats for the kids and me, socks for me and DH, other simple little but time consuming things.

The current hats are for Hunter and one for his little sister Isis who is my new grandbaby. Ya know you can't simply give one child a present both have to get one. Actually I stared Hunters hat first so I could learn the pattern. It is a variation of the Entrelac Hat by Lorraine Major I picked a blue camouflage yarn made by Bernat thinking it had nice long color runs. OOPS nope they are short ones and are making stripes! I think it is rather odd looking entrelac.

Back to the wedding shawl.

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Opal said...

that shawl is gorgeous, D!!