Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I am a bad blogger again (warning heavy on photos)

But I do have a bit of an excuse...

In March they started to paint the store I work at. I am allergic to paint fumes. Needless to say most of March passed in a drugged haze. Sometime in the middle of the month a large box was delivered to the store for me. To give an idea just how bad I felt I did not run out immediately and pick it up even knowing it was there and that it was my brand new spinning wheel! I waited until I had to go into work and picked it up then. The box was huge thank goodness I have a nice station wagon type car.

Of course I was not sick enough to hold off once I got the box home. I did have to stay up and put the wheel together with a bit of help from Ms Violet. She also had to inspect the finial product.

Grin isn't it lovely? Her name is Josephine and she is a Jensen Ashley with a 30 inch wheel made in black walnut. She spins like a dream! Now to save funds and get her a house mate in cherry grin I am still sorta yearning for a Tina II like I learned to spin on..

So that was March. April just as I was starting to feel better DH had a stroke, a mild one thankfully but still enough to mess life up for a while. And this was his second on in just over a year which has all of us a bit worried. While he was home waiting for the okay to return to work I took him to a yarn store where I was getting weaving lessons. HE TOOK OVER MY LESSONS!

He loves weaving! He is also good at it. This is that very first weaving project. I had made the warp but had not finished warping the loom. He did that, chose the weft, and did all the weaving. Nancy our instructor says he shows real talent. His birthday was May 11th and he got weaving items and was tickled pink.

However the real present did not come home until last week. Nancy found a used Baby Wolf loom I could make payments on. The look on his face when he found out he had his own loom was priceless. Grin I figured the loom was probably the cheapest physical therapy I could get. Needless to say I was thrilled when I was told that weaving was also one of the best therapies he could have to recover from his stroke!

I did manage to get some knitting done on the wedding shawl and a few other projects while DH was busy weaving. I have been learning Entrelac! I have a pair of socks started in it and as soon as I can find my dpns will have a baby hat started for OUR NEW GRANDDAUGHTER! She was born yesterday more information will be posted later including photos.

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lorrie said...


How do you like the Ashley? I have a Tina and really like it, so I'm betting the Ashley is a dream. I'm thinking about buying one and was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about it. (But since it's not a common wheel, I don't know anyone who has one that I can try.)

In all the photos I've seen the treadles look like they angle off to the right. Do you need to turn the wheel to treadle comfortably or can you sit with it straight on? Also, is there enough room to put your whole foot on the treadle?

Thanks very much!