Wednesday, September 30, 2009


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Mo recently gave us a real scare. He would yelp and start to turn to the right, was unresponsive to us until touched. At 13 years old we know that every day is now really borrowed time but the thought of losing him is still very hard to bear.

When my friend Margaret brought him to us as a present he would fit in my hands with his skin dripping through my fingers. I can still remember vividly how he look like a little puddle of shadow when he slept in a corner. He chose my husband as his person and no matter how bad he felt being with Toli was the thing that mattered most.

We have almost lost him before. When he swallowed a wasp and had an allergic reaction to at sting in his throat, when he wondered out a gate left carelessly open by a meter reader, and when he was first diagnosed with FSF, but those were nothing like our feelings this time. Probably because we are now acutely aware of how precious each day with him is.

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