Monday, April 27, 2009

Winter Remedy

Since our long and dreary winter still showed no sign of stopping I gave in to an impulse buy about a month ago. Completely impulsive and totally not the kind of flower I would normally go for even. I went to get groceries and the store had a huge display of orchids. Yeah pretty and expensive and so not me where are the daisies? Then I looked at the price! OH MY GOSH! They only wanted $10 for any of the orchids in the display. Hmmm let me look again... Long story short this beauty came home with me.

And here is is nearly May and it is snowing outside sigh. Sunday I went shopping, it was sleeting not snowing, and well I picked up two more orchids. These are smaller plants then my first one but I think are just beautiful. Grin I was actually only going to get one but I couldn't pick between these two so blush bought both.

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Shell said...

Oh I love orchids. They are beautiful!