Monday, February 9, 2009


Boy am I excited! I got my Glimarka Emilia in the mail today. This is a very sturdy little rigid heddle loom for me to use at demos. The Emilia has a 13 inch weaving width and is designed and built with all the care and attention to detail that Glimarka puts into their larger looms. It did not take long at all to have the Emilia ready to warp and weave on BUT it is time for me to get some sleep so the warping and weaving will have to wait until tomorrow.


kitkatknit said...

My Emilia should get here in 5-8 days. Gives me time to look for a wooden tv tray!! You know hindsight...we sent 4 of them (wood tv trays) to Goodwill last Oct when we moved MIL into assisted living. Oh well.

dorothy in wyoming said...

Grin I love my wooden TV trays! A nice pair of sturdy clamps is a good addition to the trays.

I can lay my 9 yard warping board on two of them and clamp it in place to have it just the right height for me to warp easily with no shoulder strain.

Of course it holds my Ashford and now my Emilia ;) They don't work well with my ball winder but the movable island in the kitchen does and it has become a permanent fixture there.