Sunday, January 25, 2009

Look at my loom bench :)

Scooted under the Beka RL
Originally uploaded by spindledreams
My wonderful DH made me a bench to sit on while weaving on my Beka RL. The Beka has a weaving width of 32 inches so stays on the stand permanently. Up until now that meant I had to haul a chair into my craft room to weave and haul it out when finished.

My bench is designed to scoot underneath the Beka when not in use. In the photo that is where it is but grin I have it turned around so you can see how pretty it is. The seat has a lip over the side of the bench and lifts for storage. The slanted end sections provide me a place to set my shuttles etc while working at the loom.

What makes my bench even more special is he used all salvaged wood in it so the bench looks old and used. :) He also put in cabinet hinges on the seat. They are hidden until you open the lid and will hold it up while I fetch things like shuttles or threading hooks that I need from inside.

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