Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Look Ma no needles

My socks by gosh are done and already have spent a whole day at work on my feet. They fit very very well and were nice and comfortable. As you can see even Ms Violet approves of the fit.

Now back to my regularly scheduled projects the sweater for me and most important the wedding shawl for my heart sister. The was going to be the Unst square shawl from the book Heirloom Knitting by Sharon Miller. I have had lots of problems with the pattern so have been looking for alternatives and I think I found one.

It is called Queen Anne's Lace. I saw the pattern mentioned on Ravelry but when I first looked all I saw was the picture on the pattern which does NOT do the shawl justice. Then saw it mentioned again and this time clicked on the projects link and saw TomH's Queen Anne's Lace shawls WOW is all I could think. Grin this pretty shawl is already cast on and doing well for me. It is ONLY 160 rows giggle I might be finished by the wedding.

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Opal said...

Great socks! That shawl is just amazing. I think it's going on my queue. :)