Tuesday, November 27, 2007

FLAK preview

In my last post I was off to make a swatch of texture patterns. That done I picked two patterns I liked seed stitch
row 1 K1 P1
row 2 P 1 K1
and a pattern called Sand Stitch from Barbara Walker Vol 1. Sand Stitch is a bit like a broken Seed Stitch grin. This stitch is a 4 row repeat even number of stitches.
row 1 and 3 knit
row 2 K1 P1
row 4 P1 K1

Okay so now I had two texture stitches. I liked both and both were fairly easy for me to do in my current state of mindlessness. Said state lead to difficulty in choosing just one for the sweater. Since I had to make a 4 inch or more square of my chosen texture stitch to get my gauge for this sweater I simply made a swatch that gave me about a 5 inch square of each texture. The photo shows my gauge swatch. Sand stitch on top seed stitch below.

I choose the Sand Stitch for my main texture stitch as i really like that shadowy diamond effect.

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