Monday, October 15, 2007

babies and knitting and visits

It seems like I am getting loads of babies to knit for. My granddaughter Mina was born in August and now I have heard that Angie, my youngest sons girl friend, is pregnant! Then there is the driver we see frequently at work who is only about 8 weeks away from having her baby. I saw her night before last and passed on a pair of baby booties I had crocheted from some bfl handspun. You should have seen her glow :-)

Today I cast on and started a baby blanket for Angie's baby. I am using a nice looking pattern I found online The Castlefair baby blanket is very similar to a hap shawl actually. The center is all garter stitch and then the border and edging are in simple lace patterns making it a very special appearing blanket for a little bit of effort. I do love those type patterns. This one is being made in Caron Simply Soft in their Baby Brights Ombre. I think it is going to be rather pretty. I have enough for the center of the blanket but will buy a solid for the border and edging I think.

Also on the knitting front I made the mistake of buying the new Cat Bordhi book "New Pathways for Sock Knitters" Sigh this book may just make me change my mind about knitting socks. I actually have a couple of pairs now cast on just to see how the different architectures work. If you enjoy knitting socks you really NEED this book.

For those that have followed the news my son Peter was here last weekend for a quick visit. He and his friend Nate were headed to Nate's family in San Digeo but they stayed here for 4 days. While here they got to go see the Avalanche play. Grin they came back grinning from ear to ear asking how I had gotten them club seats for the game... Giggle I had no idea what a club seat was I just got him the best priced seats I could find. Turns out I did a good thing and they claim they are now spoiled for seats anywhere else.

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