Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fair time is over

And I am soooooooo ready for some rest but it is always lots of fun during the fairs. I demo spinning at our local County Fair and of course I have some entries in. This year my biggest project was a shawl in a heavy lace weight/light fingering weight alpaca/silk handspun yarn. The shawl did well at both county fair and state fair earning a first place award both places. The best prize however came after the fairs when the lady I gave it to told me I had made her week! She had the most special goofy smile on. Grin and she looks lots better in the shawl then my borrowed wheel.

I also came home from the fairs with TWO new family members. Little Thunder is a beige roan Peruvian cavy (guinea pig) and Mr. Chips is a broken blue French Angora. Thunder is only 2 months old when he is an adult his coat will put the one on Mr. Chips to shame.

Mr. Chips is my second angora or rather the second I own currently his rabbitry mate is a beautiful red Satin Angora doe who has been making goo goo eyes at him. Grin I told Salsa to keep them eyes to her self she is not getting bred. She is already over 2 and never been bred. To do so now could kill her.


Dorene said...

Thanks for understanding about my experience with the MS4. The stole is just so... gawd awful!
BTW... Love the shawl that you have pictured. You are one talented lady!

Marion said...

Wow D the pretties bunny i have ever seen!! I want his fiber let me know when the time comes how much! Marion